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Politik & Wirtschaft
– International

Politik & Wirtschaft – International

Peter Schweizer:
Jeff Sessions Ending DOJ Handouts to Activist Groups 'a Tremendous Victory'


Delta Airlines, Bank of America Drop Sponsorship of
NYC Public Theater over Onstage 'Trump' Stabbing


Pro-Trump Corey Stewart Takes Lead in VA Governor GOP Primary


Case of convicted Syrian terrorist "Ahmed H.": The European Parliament's attempt to influence an independent court in an EU member state is unprecedented


London Terrorist: 'This Is for Allah! Stop Living This Life!' as They Cut Woman's Throat
Victim: "I Was Bleeding The Way You See In Horror Movies"


British Muslims Were Urged to Vote Labour To Further Islamic Interests


Gays Against Sharia March Branded 'Islamophobic', Will Be Picketed by LGBT Activists


80 Per Cent of Migrants Deported from Berlin Last Year Were from the Balkans instead of the Middle East and Africa


Identitarians Raise Over 65,000 Euros to Track NGOs in the Mediterranean


Sex Attacks At Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000 Percent


Cooperation with Central Asia may become a priority within the entire Visegrad Four region


Hungarian Labour market figures are improving


Hungary to appeal Strasbourg ruling on Bangladeshi asylum-seekers


2. Landeshandwerkertag in Tarian
Ein Querschnitt durch das ethnographische Erbe der Ungarndeutschen


Gohmert: Obama DOJ, Not the Russians, Tried to Influence
Presidential Election


Judge Tells Defendant: 'I Would Have Shot You' Dead if You
Broke into My House


Trump Walk of Fame Star Vandalized During L.A. Gay Pride 'Resist' March


6 Police Officers Injured After Molotov Cocktail Explodes in Paris Restaurant


The "Islamization Of Europe"? What's Behind Erdogan's New Muslim Political Network

Florida Sheriff Declares "This Is War!!", Tells Americans To Arm Up


Meet The 22 Economists That Want To Kill Your Purchasing Power


Obama AG Lynch should testify in wake of Comey claims, Senator Graham says


Central Park's 'Julius Caesar' depicts Roman dictator as Trump


Syrian Asylum Seekers Arrested for Filming and Molesting Underage Girls – Police: "In particular, offences of rape and sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments is significant"


It's Confirmed: Without Government Subsidies, Tesla Sales Implode


Facebook blasphemy: Pakistani man sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Muhammad


Leading liberals develop blueprint to expand 'deep state' and undercut Trump


Large Anti-Sharia Rallies at San Bernardino Terror Site, LAX

Top Ex-Clinton Pollster: Dems Losing Working-Class Voters of ALL Races Due to Illegal Immigration, Trade


CNN Fires Host Who Called Trump A "Piece Of Shit"


Kris Kobach Enters Kansas Governor Race to End 'Insane' Policies like Charging American Students Three Times as Much as Illegals


Report: Christian Communities Decimated by 50-80% in Syria, Iraq, Since 2011


Islamic State Magazine Applauds Mass Executions of 'Belligerent Christians' in Philippines


EXCLUSIVE–Former Assistant FBI Director: Comey 'Showed Clearly Why He Was Not Fit' for the Job


Black Professor at University of California, Berkeley: 'Diversity Of Opinion' Is "White Supremacist Bullshit" – "Research" is a "Colonial, White Supremacist, Elite Process" – "Whiteness is violent"


Restoring credibility? Trump's slate of 11 judicial nominees could shake up courts


"Così il Pd vuol fare le moschee con chi vuol rendere legale la poligamia"


Toxic Sewage Kills Christian After Muslim Doctors Refuse Treatment During Ramadan


Saudi soccer team blows off moment of silence for slain victims of London terror attack


Comey Testifies AG Lynch 'Pressured' Him To Use Clinton Campaign Language; "It Gave Me A Queasy Feeling"


Obstruction Of Justice Case Dismantled By Senator Risch


"Sharia controlled zone"


Hungary's GDP growth rate higher than prior estimate in Q1 2017, at 4.2 percent


Hungarian and Bavarian Interior Ministers discuss security policy cooperation


Salvini: «Subito flat tax e stop all'Iva Le coperture? Meno risorse alla Ue e federalismo fiscale»


Trump slashing red tape at historic levels


'Global Warming' Is a Myth, Say 58 Scientific Papers in 2017


Viessmann is opening a service centre in Pécs


It is good news for both Hungary and the world that the national interest comes first for Trump


Tag der Nationalen Zusammengehörigkeit
"Ungarn ist das Opfer von Trianon"


Interview mit Péter Szijjártó, Ungarns Minister für Äußeres und Außenwirtschaft
"Ich bin ein Freund klarer Worte" – Über das ungarische Erfolgsmodell


Poland: Refusing to Import Muslims is Only Proven Counter-Terror Method


French City Bans 'Islamic Banking' Advert to Avert 'Disturbing Public Order'


Journalist Claims Widespread Sexual Assault by Migrants in Swedish Schools


Zuckerberg vs. Zuckerberg


Conservatives respond to 'Hannity' flap by targeting advertisers on liberal MSNBC, CNN shows - Media Research Center puts corporate sponsors 'on notice'


Border agents say 'acting' status of agency chiefs has hampered enforcement efforts


An update on the Trump revolution


Imperfect Trump dominates world stage and U.S. media fabricates


Prime Minister Orbán and Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon conclude agreement on repairing the homes of Iraqi Christians


The Government will not modify its immigration policy


Hate-"Art": Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Bloody Shock Photo


Hungary recorded unprecedented investment growth in Q1 2017


Industrialisation in Hungary will step up to a higher level in 2017


EU climate laws undermined by Polish and Czech revolt, documents reveal


West bears responsibility for chaos & terrorist attacks in MidEast and N. Africa – Lavrov


Braving bombs, bullets & tear gas – but still not 'real' journalists for Macron (VIDEOS)


Texas Democrat Threatens To Kill Republican On Legislative Floor After He Called ICE On Protesting Illegal Immigrants


UK Children Taught to 'Respect' Terrorists Who Kill because They believe They Have Been Treated 'Unfairly'


Majority of Swedes Think Media Lies About the Impact of Mass Migration


Obama loyalist Brennan drove FBI to begin investigating Trump associates last summer